Troop 208
West Haven, Connecticut

July 31-August 8, 2010 - Washington D.C.

Saturday July 31


Sunday, August 1

Monday, August 2



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Saturday July 31, 2010

Troop left West Haven, CT around 0930. Arrived in D.C area (College Park Md.) at 1500.
Camp was set up. We have a MUCH smaller area this year due to the amount of large groups visiting this week!
After camp was set, everyone enjoyed themselves with a soak in the hot tub and a swim in the heated pool.

Sunday August 1, 2010

Revelry was at 0700 hrs, and we had a good breakfast before heading to Bowling Green, VA to visit the National Jamboree at Ft. AP Hill.
Got to see many exhibits, including some really cool military ones. Some of the boys won prizes at the exhibits.
Mr. Rivera has been keeping up with his daily workouts at 0500 hrs.....
If he wakes me up at 0500, there better be somebody bleeding profusely, or there will be one shortly...LOL

Monday August 2, 2010

Revelry at 0800 hrs. Had LOTS of pancakes for breakfast. Went into D.C. today.
We visited the Library of Congress, the U.S. Capitol, Washington Monument, The Old Post Office Tower and the BSA 2010 Traveling Museum
Is it me or are the days getting longer and the nights shorter? We are exhausted and its only Day 2!



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